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CBA HEALTHCARE, LLC is: A mental and behavioral health organization that is committed to providing excellence in community-based needs.

CBA HEALTHCARE, LLC was created with the integrity and ethics of hand selected professionals that believe in” doing the right thing because it’s the right thing to do.” and this is the motto and mission statement of CBA . Each person associated with CBA is a person that truly wants to be here and believes in this motto.


1. Family-Based Treatment Counseling: Our clinicians are licensed and well-versed in providing high quality family-based therapies that are useful for those struggling with loss, communication, behavioral, substance abuse, and many more difficulties that a family may experience. Services can be provided on a weekly-basis.

2. Individual-Based Treatment Counseling: Similar to our family-based counseling, our clinicians bring to the table extensive experience and abilities providing counseling for both youth and adults based on the specific type of need an individual has. Depending on the severity and needs of each client, this service may be available once or twice weekly. In home therapy also available.

3. Group Therapy: Our group therapy will entail groups as small as five, and as large as eight. This will be a weekly-based service to be provided to those in need of this service. This could be a service that takes place for several groups throughout the day to accommodate the needs of your community such as the difficulty of getting away from work or other obligations. Parenting group also available, based on needs.

4. Group Skills-Building and Goal-Achieving services: Under the direct supervision of our clinical director, we’re able to develop a program to match the needs of its participants that will be led by our staff several times per week basis depending on the need for this service. This is a program that will center on individuals gaining team-building skills, communication skills, conflict-resolution skills, problem identification and resolution skills, social skills, self esteem, and much more

5. Trauma / EMDR Therapy: Scott DeSelle, LCSW, has extensive training in the area of trauma utilizing both Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and EMDR. He has helped clients deal with issues such as physical, sexual and emotional abuse, natural disasters such as 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, car accidents, etc.

6. Chemical Dependency Treatment: Lyn Dyas , Jennifer Hubbert, MFT, LADC and Katy Brockway, MFT,LADC  has extensive experience in treating children and adults inpatient and outpatient who struggle with substance abuse and co-occurring conditions.

7. Offering both Telehealth and In Person Appointments


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